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As of March 2015 - Eleven of our songs have aired over 9,000 times on various radio station rotations, with nations top artists

Group has performed more than 260 times already - see Past Performance Listings - Also View References


            With Radio Legend - Dick Biondi

Berwyn - Proxa Park  - Back to School Picnic

       Northfield Mall - Bourbonnais, IL

Scooby's Hot Dogs - West Chicago, IL

Northfield Mall - Bourbonnais, IL


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 Holiday Project -  REVERBNATION


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with Brenda Song / London

 Suite life on Deck & Zach & Cody

with Janette McCurdy

 Sam on ICARLY

Tony with Billy Ray Cyrus


Timmy & Tony with Laura Marano

Disney's - Austin & Ally

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This past November-December 2016, we performed our Holiday Project - our own arrangements of  Popular Holiday Songs

Allow me to introduce myself; my name is Tami Trisoliere from Varieties Music Team.  If you have any: Concerts in the park, Fests, Community events we would love to help out.  We are a four person Multi-Genre Music Team.  The group consists of: myself, my two children who perform an original song production geared to all age groups.  Tom -  My husband is the fourth who is the sound tech.   All of us take part in the writing of the songs.   Officially writers with A.S.C.A.P.  Distributed by: Distrokid    


We have composed over 80 original songs of various Styles.

We can custom tailor a program for you.  Demos available upon request.

We have produced a Kids Song CD - Popular Kids Sing a longs, etc.

Here is a link to Listen to our Music


We also perform some dynamic versions of other Folk and participation songs for specific programs.



Something also to consider

 we have two TV Programs geared to community and special events: TnTís Arts & Entertainment & Community Events Connection.  We have filmed for many different events in the communities such as: fests, car shows, trade shows, and we work with a lot of well known talent.   Although this is a separate entity we are available to film whatever your needs may be.  So if you would consider us either musically, or to film of any special events. 

TNT's Arts & Entertainment

Community Events Connection